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EP Pole Vault Coach Tom Unruh looks to give vaulter Kyle Kruthoff some advice during the IHSA State Meet in Charleston last month.

Vaulters Soar With Unruh (video)

13:24 PM June 11, 2018

The field events at a track meet are generally completed before the running events and are often overlooked by the casual observer as they are spread out, run simultaneously, and last for quite awhile.  Luckily for the EP Panthers and the Erie Middle School Cardinals one field event has become the passion of a coach who has grown it into one field event everyone gets excited about watching.


Erie Middle School Teacher, Tom Unruh, has accomplished a feat among Illinois pole vault coaches that will be hard to be match.  This spring he coached state champions in the IESA 7th and 8th grade boys' division and had the gold medal winner in the Class 1A IHSA boys' finals.


Those feats are just a small part of what he has accomplished with local vaulters since he began his coaching tenure in 2005.


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  • Elizabeth Green:

    11 Jun 2018 14:22:00

    Nice story Dan and congratulations again Tom Unruh! Thanks for all you do.

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