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Biscuit is safe and back with her owners after an over night adventure in the Prophetstown State Park.

Visiting Cat Has Adventure

00:00 AM November 02, 2017

A stop in the Prophetstown Park turned into quite an adventure for a couple from Colorado. Judith and Richard Nivison stopped at the State Park on Wednesday evening. Their kitty jumped out of their camper in the dark and headed for a wooded area and the search was on.


Aroundptown received an email from Judith on Thursday about 12:30p.m. asking for help from the public in finding Biscuit.  She describe the missing cat and asked the public to keep an eye out for her. As word spread Judith said several people stopped by the camper to lend their assistance.

Around 4:00 she was found.  Judith sent the following email to Aroundptown. 


"Oh my goodness, oh my goodness we found our Biscuit with everybody’s help (there were many many who stopped by our camper to give us hints and hope) ! The greyhound people (Larry & Judy)were the latest of these and told us to be sure to listen to the squirrels as a clue....

A few minutes ago we did just that and there she was the the top of the embankment where she’d made a hole for protection. With a little climbing and coaxing and even Bruce the police officer was here checking, we have our sweet kitty at home with us.

Judith and Richard Nivision


Thank you thank you ALL OF PROPHETSTOWN, YOU HAVE A VERY SPECIAL COMMUNITY HERE and you’ll be in our hearts FOREVER!

And to add to the list of hospitality tributes, Merrill & Lynn invited us for homemade pizza! 

Bless you all so much.

Hugs and kisses,

Judith and Richard from Colorado"


Nice job Prophetstown !

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