Whiteside County Fair Welcomes Poultry Again

14:14 PM May 14, 2018

Submitted by Todd Mickley Whiteside County Fair; Director of Publicity


Poultry or “Backyard Chickens” is a growing hobby. The cities and towns are allowing a few hens and fun supplies including chicks that are readily available. The new again passion fits right in with gardening and getting back to fresh! Most who keep chickens are motivated by having fresh eggs. Some hatch and raise their own show birds. Why not show off your pets and prize birds at the Whiteside County Fair?


This year the fair will offer a Poultry Show. Pullets and Cockerels must be hatched anytime after August 19, 2017. Hens and Cocks must be hatched before August 19, 2017. The show will be APA and ABA sanctioned, with six Standard Classes and six Bantam Classes and forty-seven breeds. This will bring a nice variety of different breeds and color for everyone to enjoy. You do not need to be a member of either association to participate. Please visit www.whitesidecountyfair.org for all of the details.


We are more than grateful for our sponsors – Hubbard Feed, Nutrena Feed, Tractor Supply in Dixon for food & bedding supplies for the week of the fair. Also, for our Trophy Sponsors – Candlelight Inn and Alpha Feed Mill in Prophetstown.


You never know what you might win with your new or longtime hobby. The experience itself is always worthwhile and showing poultry can be fun. See you at the Fair!


The Poultry show will be in the Rabbit Barn this year in place of the Rabbit Show.


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