Lyndon Police Chief Mike Fisk discusses road repairs at Tuesday night's board meeting. Effective July 1, he'll be the village's full-time Public Works Director, with policing services to be contracted with the Whiteside County Sheriff's Office.

Lyndon to Contract with Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office

By Sarah Ford, Managing Editor

The Lyndon Board of Trustees voted to contract with the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office for policing services, effective July 1, at their meeting on Tuesday, June 11.
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Before taking a vote, the board offered Chief of Police Mike Fisk a full-time position as the Public Works Director, to which he agreed. Fisk has been working in both positions for the past year while the village sought applications for both. He’ll officially start as the director on July 1 and leave policing duties up to the county.

Village Attorney Matt Cole said he made some changes to the contract that Sheriff John Booker provided at the May meeting, mainly safeguards for insurance, liability, and employee expectations. He reiterated that the county will be an independent contractor and not employed by Lyndon. Deputies will provide traffic control, investigation of crimes, and a “presence” in the village.

Cole added that scheduling will be up to the Sheriff’s Office, and some flexibility will be required. The biggest concern is if there’s an emergency elsewhere and deputies would need to respond. He noted that the contract received approval from the State’s Attorney, but no additional input.

The contract will run fiscal year to fiscal year, with a 30-day notice from either side to terminate it. A deputy will not attend monthly meetings unless requested by the board. The Sheriff’s Office will provide a monthly report and 20 hours of patrol a week. The monthly payment of $4,200 will be made at the beginning of each month. The contract excludes Lyndon from paying annual dispatch costs to the county.

The agreement is the first of its kind in Whiteside County, so there will be some “trial and error,” said Cole. The board unanimously approved the contract, subject to final approval for non-material terms in the agreement between the Sheriff’s Office, Village President, and legal counsel.    

The board next discussed road repairs for this fiscal year, targeting 1st Street North and 9th Avenue East for grinding and asphalt. They agreed to go out for bids and will discuss it further or take a vote at the next meeting.

Trustee Gary Sutton points out targeted areas for road repairs.

They next discussed whether to purchase a new garbage truck or spend up to $50,000 making necessary repairs to the current truck. Fisk said the truck was designed to last for 10 years but it’s now at 17 years. It needs a new hydraulic tank, the chassis needs to be secured, and other repairs are needed to bring it to “good mechanical order” and safe to operate. A new truck could cost over $250,000, or they could get a used model. Fisk will provide quotes on new and used garbage trucks at next month’s meeting, per the board’s request.

In other action, the board agreed to roll over the 18-month water and garbage CD to a 12-month term at 5%. They approved ordering mulch for the Village Hall and park, and donating $100 for the Prophetstown Firecracker Class 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament on July 6.

The Fiscal Year 2024-2025 Budget was approved as presented, with a grand total income of $550,740.00.

After discussions, they agreed to move forward with taking possession of the Graziano house located at 102 W. 6th Ave., a process that’s expected to take approximately four months.

The board agreed to move forward with taking possession of a house located at 102 W. 6th Ave.

Building permits approved were:

  • A deck at 208 W. 4th St.
  • A shed at 603 2nd Ave. W.
  • A deck at 209 2nd Ave. E.
  • A patio at 311 E. Commercial St.
  • A fence permit for 410 E. 6th Ave.  

In Department Heads reports, Fisk said the bridge planks they ordered should be here next week. The annual Lyndon Car Show had 137 entries and organizer Gerald Armstrong will be planning it again for next year. Fisk thanked the Public Works Department for the wonderful job they did cleaning up the park for the car show, and Alicia Wetzell and others for helping at the event.

Trustee Tim Hunter is working on getting quotes for the tennis court and looking into the OSLAD grant. He stated that the village is still on track with the Comprehensive Plan.

The next regular meeting of the Lyndon Board of Trustees will be on Tuesday, July 9 at 6 p.m. at the Village Hall.

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