Sally Ride, was one of the many famous figures that were present for the annual TES Wax Museum.

TES Presents Annual 4th Grade Wax Museum (photos)

The annual event features historical figures, which come to life for a brief moment.
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Sarah Ford, AP Staff

Historical and famous figures came to life at Tampico Elementary School on Friday, May 19 as the 4th graders showcased their Wax Museum projects in the gymnasium. The annual year-end project allows the students to delve into the life of someone famous and portray them in Wax Museum fashion – they stand silent until their “button” on the floor is stepped on, then they recite a brief biography while in costume.

Pop star Selena tells two inquirers about her life.

The students get to pick a character based on their interests, said 4th grade teacher Kylie Gieson, noting they can choose an athlete, politician, entertainer, explorer, creator, scientist, inventor, or historical figure. They research their character at the library, read a biography, write and memorize their presentation, and then design and dress up as their character for the engaging event.  

Fourth grade teacher Paige Mewhirter said the project requires them to read a non-fiction book and get immersed in a different genre and writing style. The classrooms use the book series “Who Is (Who Was)” to read the biography of their character and take notes before summarizing their character’s notable achievements for the public performance.    

Joan of Arc was one of the members of the Wax Museum.

Xaedyn C. portrayed actor and martial artist Jackie Chan, saying his favorite movies are “The Karate Kid” and “The Spy Next Door.” Daisy F. portrayed English novelist Jane Austen since she likes reading and learning about someone new. Laycee H. represented reggae with her Bob Marley character, noting her favorite song is “Three Little Birds” before reciting the classic lyrics – “don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright.”

The annual event returned to the gymnasium last year after going virtual during Covid, and this year’s event had a steady stream of family members, schoolmates, and community members ready to learn from the students. “It’s nice to have everyone back and see them in person,” Mewhirter said while watching the youth interact with the visitors. “They all did a great job. There’s a variety of characters represented.”

This year’s Wax Museum featured the following-

Politicians: Jill H. as Abraham Lincoln and Aiden S. as Ronald Reagan

Scientists/inventors: Carson H. as Neil Armstrong, Hadley B. as Marie Curie, Ava L. as Jane Goodall, Layne D. as Isaac Newton, and Clara A. as Sally Ride.

Athletes: Blake S. was Muhammad Ali, Zilynn C. was David Beckham, Cameron O. was Lebron James, Cayden T. was Derek Jeter, Reeselynn L. was Chloe Kim, Lilly V. was Suni Lee, Kason K. was Jesse Owens, Carter M. was Pele, and Brock P. was Cristiano Ronaldo.

Creators: Daisy F. as Jane Austen, Reid M. as Walt Disney, Arlo N. as Jim Henson, London D. as Stan Lee, and Sawyer W. as George Lucas.

Two TES students learn about the life of Helen Keller.

Entertainers: Xaedyn C. as Jackie Chan, Amelia M. as Harry Houdini, Haydn B. as Bruce Lee, Laycee H. as Bob Marley, Eliott M. as Elvis Presley, and Dezarae A. as Selena.

Explorers: Griffin S. as Blackbeard, Landon C. as Daniel Boone, Andrew F. as Christopher Columbus, and Genesis R. as Amelia Earhart.

Historical Figures: Mykah T. as Clara Barton, Emma A. as Anne Frank, Clay F. as Gandhi, Savannah S. as Joan of Arc, Kendall M. and Xzoiey O. as Helen Keller, Mason K. as Genghis Khan, Paisley B. and Ariel C. as Martin Luther King Jr., Roxanne P. as Rosa Parks, and Emily O. as Sacagawea.


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  1. A study and presentation that all participants will never forget. Kudo to their teachers and families.

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